Quick Poll: Which New Scotty Cameron Phantom model are you most excited to test?

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Bill  H

    Bill H
    va beach, VA

    Mike D., Titleist Staff said:

    Hey Team Titleist,

    If you're a fan of Scotty Cameron mallets, you're going to love the latest lineup. Which brings us to our latest quick poll where we want to know which one of the new models is catching your eye. So cast your vote below and drop a reply to share some details around your top choice.

    New 2024 Scotty Cameron Phantom Putters

    Explore the New Scotty Cameron Phantom line here.

    I have Phantom 12 which is 37.5 and love it
  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    I dont know how you'd pick a ball up off the surface with some of these shapes
  3. Military
    They all look amazing but I love my 5s so that’s the one I’m most looking forward to trying!
  4. Mike


    Base on the pop 30% are looking forward testing the 5.5. I’ve been playing 2018 7.5 but was always wanting to go back ti the 5.5 model. This year I may make it hapoen. Currently playing around with a Cleveland putter which pretty much has same shape si this should be an easy swap. However certainly want to do a proper fitting before I set on one
  5. I'm really liking the look of the 9. I have a fitting next week. We shall see.
  6. Love the look of the new Phantom 9, but wondering if there's a 12 still waiting to drop
  7. I love 5.5. I have no reason to make a move to the new one. Although, new ones look very futuristic. I would be more interested in having magnetic putter covers though.
  8. Is there any chance the different alignment options come to the consumer market? I'm looking for a single full length line, (not the double like of the 9, or the strange arrow of the 11)
  9. I was not only set to demo a replacement 5.5, i was no doubt purchasing a new one……until Scotty snubbed the lefties!!
  10. Apollo

    South Easton

    I have never used a Phantom Scotty but I might try one out probably the 5.5 or 11 . I currently game a 2020 flowback.
  11. Jeff Martin

    Jeff Martin
    Lynchburg, VA

    I have the Phantom 5.5 with a SuperStroke pistol 1.0 grip and love it. Used to use the Newport 2.
  12. N8

    Denver, CO

    I love my 7.5 Phantom with an LA Gokf P Soho 160g shaft in it. The weight helps me stay very pendulum and the feel couldn’t be better. Since 2023’s were Scottie’s last year of design I’ll be very excited to game this for a loooong time.
  13. aburtonky

    San Antonio

    I was fitted by my local PGA Tour SuperStore. Their fitter has gone through the Titleist fitting training at their HQ and whatnot. He fit me for the Phantom 7.5 just a few weeks ago, and I figured I’d wait for the 2024 models to come out. Not going to lie, since then, I’ve gotten the putting yips knowing that my current putter isn’t good enough So I can’t wait to preorder it next week!
  14. I’m a big fan of the phantom x 5. Clean look, plays great.
  15. Joe R

    Joe R
    Pittsburgh PA

    I look forward to trying the 5 & 11. I would be even more excited about the 11 if it had the 3 dots on the sight line instead of the arrows. I like a putter with as little tow flow as possible. I currently game the GoLo 6.
  16. I have owned 3 Phantoms, 5.5, 5, and9.5, liking the latest more than the previous one. However, I went back to the Super Select Squareback 2 last year, and I think my mallet days are done.
  17. Brandon P

    Brandon P
    North Carolina

    I played the Phantom 5.5 for a while and the 11.5. Last year I made a big switch and went to the Newport Plus and after seeing this new line I am definitely considering going back to a Phantom.
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