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By Fred G

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  1. Manny A

    Manny A
    Staten Island, NY

    Went on to join and was sold out, probably in less than an hour! And now they are are all over ebay (without membership) Hopefully will get another chance..(even though Hope is not a method) If not may have better luck at the masters lottery (0-8) Scotty club (0-3).
  2. kaizen10366

    Olympia, WA

    My first time joining Club Cameron was 2010. I was unable to join last year. I could have this year, but passed because I felt the kit was pretty weak. I know, for most, the kit is just a bonus and you’re paying for the opportunity to purchase new releases. However, for the going price now, even the items in the kit don’t seem like a good value. And unless you have the ability to sit in front of a computer refreshing, there is no opportunity to purchase items from the Studio Store.

    *** Just my thoughts, not being critical. ***
  3. I thought I was in and then it froze while processing my payment, so I am not in yet. Existing membership should have right of first refusal, but we don’t. Should also be repercussions for people who continually flip merchandise.
  4. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    I was a member for years but couldn't get in the past few. Unreal. Time to switch to Betti.
  5. Brady L

    Brady L
    Channahon, IL

    I just logged in and was able to re-join for 2024. Hurry before they are sold out.
  6. Got mine today …
  7. DK

    Northeast PA

    Got it on day/drop 2
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Last time I was in was 2013 and now you understand why. Life just too short for all this hassle. Hakuna matata.
  9. DonJ

    Cranston, RI

    Oh well guess I saved some money by not getting it again
  10. John W

    John W
    Lansing, MI

    I missed it last year but was able to get in on the 1/18 drop this year. That was by far the longest of the 3, was open for nearly 1.5 hours.
  11. I have been a member since 2002 of the club cameron and I have to say that the problems with the website on the day of drops along with the inability to get things even when I was present at the moment the item dropped has disappointed me. As many of you know, I am generally a positive person but if you miss becoming a member I am not sure if membership has privileges like it used to...just my two cents.

    I think you will be better off visiting the retail gallery in Encinitas, CA to obtain special merchandise.

    However, even at one of the longest running SC gatherings in the USA (NOLA) they do not even do actual SC Headcovers any longer. To me the real fun are the conversations with attendees and discussions over the years of various experiences at the gallery in CA, SC events (Pins and Playtime, ICC's, Japan Events etc...) and of course the SC putters (this is a big one; doesnt matter if it OTR or CT).

    Bottomline, this hobby of everything Scotty Cameron should be more about the putters and experiences rather than exclusive items. Don't sweat it! IMHO
  12.  dbscarboro


    Does this generally open up at the beginning of January each year?
  13. DK

    Northeast PA

    Usually 2nd-3rd Tuesday of January...
  14. Why is it so hard. I have tried for a couple years
  15. Its not as much hard as it is time consuming. You need to be continuously checking for the release. I mean like every hour or so the first few days of each year.
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