New USGA/R&A handicaps for 2024

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By Don O

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  1. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    More rounds will count towards your handicap in 2024. 9 holes, and actually all rounds from 9-17 will now count. As well, par 3 and executive courses may count as well. Posting here as women, especially new constitute 45% of 9 hole rounds. Will be easier for more golfers to garner a handicap without having to force more 18 hole rounds

  2. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    With the current system, I have zero chance of winning anything at my club, I'll take any help I can get.
  3. I think that the USGA needed to update the handicap system. Counting only your last 20 rounds on a rolling basis is not a true capture of how you play. We all have had slumps and peaks, so I’m glad that they will be including more rounds in the overall calculation.
  4. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    Overall, I believe this is a good move by the R&A and USGA. Completing an 18 hole round is time consuming especially if your only access to playing is a crowded municipal course. 9 hole rounds are becoming more popular and counting those rounds towards your hdcp without having to wait until you had another 9 hole round to complete it.
  5. 9 holes currently count though, so what is changing?
  6. If you post a 9 hole score it will be held as a "9-hole score waiting to be combined" with another 9 hole score before it is applied to your handicap.

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