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By james b

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  1. Hi Team Just bought a new sm7 56 and I used it today, however when cleaning them I noticed the shaft is a dynamic gold x100‍♂️ My 52 and 56 are wedge flex which I believe is s200/300 My local pro shop said they can change shaft and grip to match the wedge flex!

    I didn’t really notice the difference to be honest! So....

    Do you think it will make much of a difference in future games? Should I pay another £25 to get it changed or just stick with it

    I have a slowish swing speed, irons are a regular flex Thanks

  2. I would say that you go with what is working....however if you feel the club is too stiff later than you could change out the shaft for a softer flex such as S200 (this is the std flex for wedges by voke).

    I would say ultimately its up to you! Go with what works not with what others have as standards...we all play different games and maybe x100 is what you play best with!

    Cheers, Chris

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