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By parker b

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  1. Hello,

    What are the equivalent grinds for sm4 50, 54, and 58 degrees with 08 bounces in the SM7 line up?

    Thank you


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  2. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Well, I'm assuming you want to stay with 8* of bounce across the board. If that's the case, then 50.08 F, 54.08 M and 58.08M. The latter two are very versatile. The F grind is probably more like your PW as far as any back-edge relief goes. If you'd like a bit more bounce on your lob wedge for soft sand and rough, the 58.12 D is ideal and still quite versatile. Unless you are opening the face on very hard-packed bare dirt, the extra bounce on the 12 D grind is barely noticeable. If fact I have also played the K grind in an SM6 with 12 degrees of bounce and it was fantastic from sand, but I never had an issue from tight lies either. It has even a wide sole than the D grind, with no relief area. All that said, if 8* makes you most comfortable for all wedges, don't change.
  3. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    54-08 in SM4 is S grind. they had 58-07S M grind was 54-11 and 58-12. 60-10 was M grind.

    SM7 is 54-10S, 56-10S, 58-10S and 60-10S. 58-08M in SM7 is good. 50-08F.

    I actually find 60-14K easier to hit off a firm lie vs D grind.

    My wedge setup is 46-10F (bent to 44) - 50-08F - 56-08M - 60-14K and a Cally PM Grind 64/10 (the "phil" wedge).

    What I miss from SM4 was the 62-07 and 64-07 T grinds. Plus the 58-06 L grind (it is really closer to 6* and not -9 and +13 like a 58-04L); the SM7 L grind is not so great in hard bunkers.

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