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By Ed F

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  1. I have the Vokey SM4 48 and 52 degree wedges. Can't seem to hit them without digging or chunking. Any sugesstions?

  2. Mate don’t worry about that just bought some sm7 limited edition wedges and the finish has worn through in two rounds contacted Titleist and they backed me of to the store nice pay a premium price and no customer service so disappointed
  3. Not guessing you will be putting my last message up any time soon
  4. Ed,

    You don't mention the bounce of the SM 4s. The SM 7s in those lofts have bounce in the 10* -12* range. Maybe you need to look into getting higher bounce wedges to prevent the digging. Good luck.

    Mark F
  5. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Certainly, it sounds like more bounce is necessary for your swing, but if you are digging and chunking before the ball, I would check out the swing first. A steep swing isn't necessarily a bad thing, but one that catches turf before ball is.

    Quick practice drill/test. Lay a towel flat against the ground behind your ball so one edge is basically perpendicular to your target direction, with the rest of the towel back behind it. Place your range ball an inch or so forward of that front edge of the towel. (This applies to wedges. The longer the club, the further back you'd set the towel edge.) Set up to the ball and make a nice easy 1/2 swing through the ball. If you catch the towel, there is a problem. If not, go again at an easy pace, over and over, but slowly increase the length of your swing until you are taking full swings without catching the towel. To help you, it's not a bad idea to visualize an aiming point maybe a half-inch in front of the ball, where you want the club to make solid contact with the turf, or in other words, where you want your divot to begin.

    If you find this drill difficult, I would definitely consult with a teaching pro. My bet, is that you are moving too far off the ball in your backswing, but that is purely a guess without seeing your swing.
  6. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    I agree with Doug E. Conditions have a lot to do with it as well. I know I need more or less bounce depending on if the course is wet or hardpan. Typically here, they are wet and I dig a lot. Good luck!
  7. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Ed F said:

    I have the Vokey SM4 48 and 52 degree wedges. Can't seem to hit them without digging or chunking. Any sugesstions?

    I have a 46 that I bent to 44.

    Whether you chunk or not is partly due to course conditions. Agree with too steep or vertical of a downswing.
  8. To avoid hitting thr ground first, check your ball position and then stack your weight on you left side (for a right handed player) leave your weight on your left side during the backswing and throughout your downswing and follow through - very hard to chunk it doing it this way. To ingrain the feel hit full shots with your right foot off the ground - one legged, then go back to two after awhile. It should work.

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