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By Gsoup

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  1. Gsoup


    Has anyone compared the Vokey 48 to the T200 48? What did you find?

  2. richard f

    richard f

    I don’t use the stock pw , I prefer the 46 degree vokey in my set
  3. I've always thought about replacing my stock PW but I hit it so well I feel if I switch it might give me different results. Maybe its just a mental thing idk.
  4. I played the MB's for a long time and switched to a 48* vokey and the diffefence was night and day, i dont know why, but the ability to hit a multitude of shots from different yardages was improved dramatically. I now play the T100's 2* strong so 44* PW and have my vokey 48/52/56/60
  5. They are very different...it is like comparing a MB to the T200...very different irons...

    I would only go the route of Vokey PW 46 or 48 if you are a CB or MB player...IMHO
  6. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I used an SM7 Vokey 50.08 until I picked up my new T200s with the 48*. As much as I loved my SM7 50, the T200 is far more forgiving on mishits. The Vokey is essentially a blade. Blades are not meant to be forgiving. Since I generally used my 50 (and now my T200 48) for full swing shots, the added forgiveness in the T200 is more appreciated. My SM7 54 and 58, which I use for all sorts of swings from chips to chipitches to pitches to pitchips, as well as full swing shots are better suited to the accuracy and feel afforded by a blade IMO.
  7. Gsoup


    Did you find any difference in distance?
  8. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Certainly the T200 48 goes further than my SM7 50.10S did. But a full, perfectly flushed, sweetspot hit with the T200 will probably get me about 10 additional yards total over that same swing/contact with my SM7 50. Partially due to the 2* stronger loft and partially due to the extra spin the Vokey likely produces over the T200. However, a slightly missed sweetspot shot with the T200 will typically get me more than 10 yards over the same slightly missed 50* Vokey due to the added forgiveness designed into the T200.
  9. Vokey is the better choice
  10. I haven’t swung the t200 but vokey is the best.
  11. I have 2018 AP1's and I found out the PW is strong so ended up getting SM7's in 48,54 & 60 degrees.


    44,48,54,60 they work well I think.
  12. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    I prefer the set wedge(s) and then I round out the bottom of my set with Vokeys. The reason I prefer this is because I mainly use set wedge(s) for full or 3/4 shots. I hardly hit full shots with my Vokeys and if I do the club face is manipulated for a specific shot like a flop. 3/4 shots with my Vokeys are different too. Turf interaction and feel through hitting stock full or 3/4 shots using the same club head gives me consistent feedback, feel and consistency as I'm not doing anything special except hitting a full shot or 3/4 shot. I change ball position, face angle, normal or choke down on the grip etc with my wedges to get the desired ball flight, spin etc thus my Vokeys are made for how I play.
  13. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    I am a bit with Chris92009 and Doug E on this one. While I am a committed Vokey user (SM7 50.12F, 54.10S and 60.12D), I use my T100 PW (46 degrees). My thinking is I am more often then not hitting full shots with PW and the T100 is more forgiving. This slightly outweighs the versatility of a 46 degree Vokey for me anyway. I did order a 46 degree SM6 several years ago so I have had it in the bag. When I went SM7, I only ordered the three wedges.

    My two cents.
  14. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Based on my Titleist product specialist/club fitter's recommendation, I went with the club in my set vs the Vokey........
  15. Gsoup


    Thanks everyone.... Once the weather breaks, I will get them both to the range and see what fills the gap the best. As always, all opinions are appreciated.
  16. I had same thoughts with these 48 vs 48

    Now i have t200 set 5-48 but i wanted to have more workable short irons. I use 48 mostly with full swing and i notice best setup for me is vokey but i change shaft to same what i have on my ”normal” irons. Same to 52 and only 58 with wedge shaft

    Also what i just did yesterday is i replaced my 7 - P t200’s to t100s.

    Hopefully tai

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