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By TUser

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  1. Anyone playing graphite shafts in their wedges? If so what ones and why?

  2. Madhatter


    Yup, I was fitted at a Titleist Thursday for AP1 irons and the recomendation was I move to an "A" Flex shaft, these worked so well I arranged another TT session for my wedges and ended up doing the same with those, all going well since.....

  3. I have same shafts (steelfibre) in all irons what i use with full swing. Only 58 is with wedge shaft and that one i use around greens etc
  4. Been in graphite irons including wedges since 1998. Can’t think of a good reason to play different shafts. I prefer to play shafts of consistent weight/flex/feel throughout my irons. Currently playing Recoil 680s in my AP2s & Vokeys.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Like the AC 108 Dan. I have a iron head on my desk. Use it as a paper weight!

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