SM7 56-08M vs 58-08M bent strong - are they the same?

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By Lou G

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  1. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I've been using the 58-08M bent to 57 for most of the year. Decided to add a 60-14K as an extra lob wedge and use a 56-08M for a sand wedge. Wedge setup is 44-50-56-60-64. I played 50-57-64 basically for about 2 years now. 54-08M is pretty deadly for chipping and pitching but leaves a lot to be desired out of greenside bunkers.

    Mathematically, the difference in distance should be about 4-5 yards based on Maltby charts (2.5 yards for shaft length difference of 1/4" and about 1.25 for 1* loft). I was seeing a difference of about 7-10 yards on full swings (both square and open pitch). About 3 yards out of sand and about 5 feet on a 1/4 swing pitch. It seemed like the 56 felt crisper on chipping.

    I hit both reasonably well and would go to the 58-08M for a "Sunday bag".

    I experience another thing unusual: bent a 46-10 to 44. Mathematically it should have 3-5 yards but it was 10.

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  2. You must never be left wanting for a distance. All bases must be covered with your wedge game.

  3. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I have a good set of gaps 44-50-56-60-64.
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