How Often Do You Replace Your Vokey Wedges?

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By BHutto

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  1. I'm curious as to how many people bite the bullet and replace a Vokey wedge as soon as the grooves start looking slightly worn?

    I've always tried to get two full years out of a set (about 250 rounds) but after even 40-50 rounds I can feel that the grooves near the center are "smoothed out" a little. And visibly the spacing of the grooves gets irregular in the heaviest impact spots.

    So that means realistically, probably 75% of the time I'm using a certain wedge it is performing less consistently than it did when it was new. The good news is, my wedge game is pretty darned basic. But even I have to hit a shot from time to time where I really want the ball to land and stop in a certain spot to get at a tough hole location.

    But man, buying a new 3-wedge set for $400+ twice a year just seems nuts for a double-digit handicapper like me.

  2. Eric C

    Eric C

    GROOVE WEAR & SPIN PERFORMANCE on , informative. I go around 100 rounds and I only have a 56 that I use mainly around the green.
  3. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    When the (new) ball doesn’t perform in the manner when the wedge was new. Usually 2 LW and 1 SW a year depending on how much I play.
  4. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    I get how important new wedges are. I've played the best golf of my life this past summer. And it's because my short game got much better. But, 2 kids still in school. I gotta wait until the sales come around. I usually replace them one at a time.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. The only time I have seen a current model wedge need to be replaced before the next series is available is when I am working with college golfers or top rated college golf bound high school players. In those cases they need an update every season (at least) - for 99% of golfers in normal expected annual rounds and normal use, even with some sandier turf driving ranges I would say most people can get 2-4 seasons before they need to start inspecting their grooves. You also may need to only replace one (unless you need them to match) most people probably favor one loft as their "go to" and maybe the 56* is needing an upgrade but the 52* and 60* are still ok for another season or two.
  6. At least every 3-4 months...grooves wearing out is the primary reason.
  7. 3 mos. for me also
  8. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I'm with Steve S., I just can't afford to replace wedges often. That said, I am going to replace one of my wedges at the end of the year.Thinking of the SM7 54 M grind.


    Usually every other year. I have one SM6 52° and 2 SM7s 50°& 56°, so next year I will get the SM8 to replace the SM6. I play about 40 rounds per year plus practice days....
    Madgolfer hitemstraight
  10. A good question. Basically when I start to notice a change in performance.
    What really annoys me is when people start saying after every 'xy' number of rounds of golf.
    Does this mean that if I hit a bunker shot on every hole they still last as long as a straight hitter who may only play one once a round?
    Do I need an extra set for practice sessions, but these will wear out quicker and not be a reflection of those I use on the course.?
    What if my course is sandy or clay based?
    Not an easy question to answer, so many variables.
  11. Jay-C


    I got 3 vokey wedges in June. I play almost 3 times a month and practice 2 times a week more of less. these are the first new wedges I purchase since I just started playing in February and I was think of upgrading them maybe every two years but with the fading of the black I might end up swapping them sooner haha
  12. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I average 175 days of golf per year, plus probably another 100 days of just practice. So my wedges get a lot of use. I try to replace my Vokeys every Spring. I am on my 2nd set of SM7s right now and in dire need of new ones. Grooves are cooked. Can't wait for the next generation (SM8?).

    I just got a new set of T200 irons which are replacing my AP2/AP3 combo set. I went with the T200 48* wedge, so now I only have to renew my Vokeys with two new ones each year instead of three.
  13. Every 2 years!
  14. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    I play between 80 and 100 rounds a year and I try to replace the wedges each spring. New model, I will go for a fitting, in between I will just re-order the same set up. Last year I swappes my 60 degree early due to wear.
  15. CrazyGolfNut

    omaha, NE

    I normally play around 70 to 100 rounds per year and change wedges every other year.
  16. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Probably around every 100+ rounds....I only have one Vokey in my bag and it is a 58.12*D and I may only use it two or three times a round and sometimes not at all.......
  17. I replace them about every 1 1/2 years which is about 60 rounds for me. Then the old set goes to my backup set of irons and the old back ups are used for hitting on the range or I'll sell them. I just replaced my all black sm7s with the blue sm7s.. got a great deal since the sm8s came out. Happy New Year guys and hit em great!!!

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