Are Taking Advantage Of Hand Ground Options For RAW Wedges?

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By Chris92009

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  1. Like many of you, I have bought numerous wedges over the years. Usually I purchase 2-4 sets a year for various reasons. Limited editions, etc..etc...

    That being said, one aspect I wanted to bring to your attention in the event you are not aware is that if you like RAW Wedges and are considering ordering them off of the website be certain to consider the Hand Ground Options.

    In the past these wedges cost as much as $375-$450 a piece. Now you can get a wedge for about $275 or less with the Hand Ground Options included!

    Ok, so if you are unfamiliar with what Hand Ground Options are they basically allow one to customize the wedges just like the PGA Tour pros! This option is usually only available on RAW wedges since there are no finishes such as chrome etc... Options include (depends on wedge, every grind has a different set of Hand Ground Options) things such as "Heel Relief" which is great if you need to open the wedge for high soft shots, "Trailing Edge Relief" which is one of my favorites for S or F grinds giving the wedge more versatility and reducing bounce slightly for firmer conditions, "Pre-Worn Leading Edge" which essentially allows one to create more of a sharp leading edge on the wedge which makes it great for firm conditions or tight lies, AND MUCH MORE...

    Go to and check out SM7 RAW Wedges and these Hand Ground Options...I think you will fall in love with these options...ordering a wedge without these could mean you could miss out on extra performance!

    IMHO, Cheers Chris

  2. Good info on the effects of some of the grinds. I think more players would go for some of the hand ground options if they knew what different grinds would do for them.
  3. I agree, it is a complicated process if you do not know what works and not....

    The best way to approach this, assuming you are a more skilled player that will recognize this minor differences, is to either consult your local pro and/or call the Team Titleist help desk and discuss your game.

    I have really noticed a huge difference in approaching my RAW wedges with these enhancements...I probably had to go through 30-40 wedges over time to truly appreciate all the grinds however these seem to make the most difference:

    1. Pre Worm Leading Edge - If you are play very firm conditions like AZ, FL, Australia, etc... and you are a sweeper vs a digger

    2. Trailing Edge Relief and Heel Relief for some your 58 or 60 degree wedge on a K grind or S Grind...and you are looking for a more easily played way for lob shots on firmer lies.

    3. Thin Top Line is great for your gap and sand wedges that you prefer a more compact and thinner look at address.

    There you go! Just a few thoughts! Cheers, Chris

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