Come on Titleist make a scorecard holder

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By Richard P

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  1. Let’s start a thread on here for Titleist to make a scorecard holder or just an exclusive one for TT members. It’s the only things missing from the accessories catalogue. Surely it can’t be hard to design and make one for us.

  2. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Scorecard ?

    I doubt we'll ever be going back there again, why would we need to ?
  3. SAnderson


    They have Vokey ones in the US store. They don’t sell much of the ‘accessory’ range in the UK
  4. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    That would certainly be a very cool item to have!!
  5. Richard,
    It would be nice, wouldn't it...
  6. Ondřej Chromcik

    Ondřej Chromcik
    Czech Republic

    I will buy one, but it couldn't be exclusive for TT members, because TT drops are only U.S. avaible.
  7. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, uk

    yes please, would deffo buy one for the bag.
  8. Yes, thers been many threads on this over the years and its a really popular subject - ideal TT accesory in my opinion.,
    I do remember a TT member making one himslef and posting online here a wjhile ago, it was quite cool.
  9. leslie h

    leslie h
    maidenhead, berkshire

    That would be a great addition
  10. Maybe they should start selling the vokey ones here in the uk. A massive market for Titleist equipment and accessories is missing the one thing everyone wants.

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