Turned 70 in 2023 - Set goal to play 70 new courses in USA

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By KWheeler

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  1. KWheeler


    We (wife and self) decided wanted to play only new courses in 2023/24 as a goal for our 70th birthdays, instead of our usual same club every round year after year. We started on a warm day (Feb 13th 2023) at the Greencastle Golf Club - a real gem - (PA) and we have played 80+ new courses that we have never played -- from Nova Scotia to Arizona. We may get to 100 by Feb. 13, 2024. It has been a great experience seeing a lot of the US and Canada - particularily enjoying Donal Ross, Joe Lee and Pete Dye courses. My current golf life total (55 years) of courses now exceeds 300+. Our goal for 2024 is to build our list of states we have played to all 50. Been a great year - meet many great fellow golfers and staff, and played all rounds with 2023 Titelists ProV1X - Yellow. The Yellow have helped greatly in following ball flight as my distance vision becomes more challenged with age. As our families live on the other side of the country, it has allowed us to drive cross country via various routes stopping for a round a day (we drive no more than 6 hours and play golf either before we start the day or when we arrive at the end of that days drive). We like to say "we have never played a bad course, some are just more challenging that others - and any day we can golf is a good day" ! Its a great way to enjoy retirement!! Would love to know what unexpected gems you may have found along your journeys. May see you along the "tour" in 2024.

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