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By Golf Ball Wacker Guy

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  1. Has anyone been to Landmand? I am going in the fall and staying onsite. Just want to know what to expect? Based on pictures of the layout I am very excited. Is there anything to do at night on property?

  2. It appears nobody has been here yet. I will be sure to report on it when I get back.
  3. Landmand was great. All of the holes are challenging and unique. The scale and size of the place is mind blowing from 100 yard fairways to greens over half an acre in size. Massive bunkers and sloped greens and fairways. It is a must play.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Checked out the review on Golf Digest. It is BIG! Punch bowls and redans? Seth Raynor.
  5. Awesome punch bowl and a great redan on a par 3. Kings and Collins the guys behind Sweetens Cove.
  6. Did anyone get tee times for this year when they opened up on 12/31? They sold out the year in 30 minutes!
  7. KevInSoDak

    Southeast, South Dakota

    I was able to snag a tee time for June 23rd and I can't wait! I've actually been fortunate to play here twice before. The first time was the first month they opened to the public in 2022 and another round last June. It was cool to see how it matured a bit even in that timeframe (greens healed up).

    I've played some pretty cool courses the past few years and this is one of my favorites. With that said, I've only played on almost perfect days with pretty light wind soil may change my mind when we get a typical windy day lol.

    The scale of this course is absolutely unreal. It's a blast trying out different strategies with shots since it's links style. I definitely recommend out to everyone if they can get a chance to play it.
  8. Hi KevInSoDak, Yes! The scale is just unreal. It is such a fun course. We played 2 rounds last September and I have 3 more booked for this September and I am more than excited to go back. I can't wait to see what another year of growth is going to do for the course. Not a bad hole on the entire property and every shot is just fun.
  9. KevInSoDak

    Southeast, South Dakota

    I agree every hole is extremely well done. I just can't decide whether I hate the 4th hole green though! That thing is a beast. The 7th green could be a killer also.

    The short par 3 eighth is an absolute menace for being 100 yards!

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