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  1. DK

    Northeast PA

    Has anyone had experience with adding a shaft ring to their Scotty? I would rather not have to send my putter away and thought I could do it myself.

    Looking for step by steps and if it’s worth attempting myself in a $600 putter.

  2. Brian D

    Brian D
    Corunna, MI

    DK, to add a shaft ring to your Scotty you need to pull the head from the shaft. The ring slips on the shaft from the bottom (end the head goes on) and you slide the ring up until it doesnt move. I can't be certain but I think from Scotty the shaft rings are pressure fit. Once you have the ring in place, re-install the head with the appropriate expoxy and you are all set to go. If you've never done any club work before you may want to practice pulling heads and replacing them with a different club.

    The other option is to send the club into Scotty for some custom shop work. You can select a shaft ring instead of a shaft band in the process.
  3. DK

    Northeast PA

    Thanks Brian. I have some experience with club work but anytime it's with a $700 putter, things get real pretty quick.
  4. Just to note: not all rings are the same size and there are numerous fakes on EBay
  5. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Be careful. Adding a ring doesn't always give you the result you were looking for. Just ask my ex wife!!!
  6. Military
    I would just like to know where I can get a shaft ring!
  7. J.C.


    Send a pic when it is done! I am interested
  8. Shaft rings are fit based upon the length of putters…everyone may be different as a result…

    Better to send it in…


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