Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5

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By BMaddigan

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  1. Somehow I have managed to nick the top of my new putter. Looking for suggestions on how to fix it. Should I used paint or nail polish? Thanks.

    Also, trying to upload the picture, and that is not working, either.

  2. I feel your pain. I have oversize grips on all my clubs. Pulling out driver on the 16th hole on Sunday, my putter grip decided to latch on for the ride. With the putter head falling from a good 8-10', the putter bounced off the cart path and blew off the cover (so far unscathed) and then summersaulted back the other way in all its naked glory to take a pretty significant beating before settling on the pavement.

    Has never happened to me in my entire life. She just has some extra character now...
  3. I was able to upload the picture. As you can see, the nick is not very big, but I am not happy.
    Post Image
  4. Mannnnn I want this putter! Tough luck with the nick in it, but that thing is good looking otherwise.
  5. I’d get that baby to the “doctor” ASAP!!
  6. I also feel your pain. I pulled my Scotty out by the head and the edge of my Super Stroke caught the edge of my bag. Needless to say, I was still holding the head cover as my putter fell onto the cart path. As Allan said, it now has a little bit of character. I figured that sooner or later I will send into the Custom Shop, until then, I will see the "character" as a reminder to hold on a little tighter and to be a little more careful. Good luck on the DIY repair.
  7. I have used a black sharpie in the past for small black nicks however it just depends how particular you are with your putters...

    FWIW, Chris
  8. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    Nick the other side and have 3 alignment points on the putter
  9. Pat R

    Pat R
    Elizabethtown, KY

    I would try some black touch up paint.
  10. I used black nail polish and it turned out okay. Thanks.

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