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By kaizen10366

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  1. kaizen10366

    Olympia, WA

    Is anyone else missing it? I am. I never realized how much I went there for information and to browse the classifieds. The twitter account says they are trying to get the site back up soon. I hope it happens.

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  2. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Not so much...... I miss the buy and sell section as there's no eBay fees.. I don't think Rand wants to fund it anymore!
  3. Don't know why. I have a Scotty Cameron 1998 Oil Can Classics Napa that was purchased new and only used a few times. Since my husband died, I don't play anymore & kept it oiled as he told me, (even without use). Would sure like to know where I can get a good price for it. Seems to be QUITE rare, with original headcover, cleaning instructions & cloth as well. Never touched but by me. It's a shame there isn't a forum for this that could satisfy the Scotty collectors out there. (Not a big fan of E-bay.)
  4. TCC is back up and running fellas :)
  5. Back up to full strength
  6. I was not aware of this thread. Is it a TCC back up?
  7. This is a great site…been a member for years…sometimes too much flow stops the site…should be good shortly!
  8. Corey S

    Corey S
    Cincinnati, OH

    TCC has been down for 4-5 days now, hopefully it is back up soon.
  9. Brian D

    Brian D
    Corunna, MI

    TCC is back up now. Just logged back in no issue.
  10. Back in business!

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