Mid Staff Bag Organizing the Pockets

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By Rick P

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  1. Rick P

    Rick P
    Pulaski, VA

    Alright….I need your help. What do you put in the pockets of your staff bag. For me the lift pocket holds my range finder and a couple sharpies. The front pocket holds all kinds of items. Mostly tees wrench and junk. The pocket behind that has my balls. The upper two small pockets on the sides have nothing. The large pocket carries rain gear. So tell me how you do it.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I have the Mid Size tour and this is my third one. Think how you fill the pockets is a matter of choice. I place my raingear behind the belly panel with the rain hood. Above that in the little pocket goes my first aid kit. In the side pockets go my backup FJ StaSof gloves. My Bushnell is clipped on the outside. I ride a cart due to health issues so my rangefinder is attached to the cart 100% of the time. I put balls that are in play, tees, ball repair tool, ball marker in upper of the three below pockets. Next would be the extra balls and tool kit to change my metals and weights on my Scotty putter. On the outside is my accessory TSR bag to my keys and wallet. Any other items such as ball marker would go into those little pockets above. I keep those side pockets rather flat to avoid over packing. There is plenty of room to keep the items basic, keeping them to necessary items only. So bottom line, does not matter how you use them as long as they meet your particular needs. Hakuna matata.

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