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By Ron T

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  1. Ron T

    Ron T
    Grapevine, TX

    Been doing a bit of research, does anyone have experience with the Arccos sensors? Would like to get some first-hand experience before purchasing the entire system.

  2. Cowger3

    Lake tapps, WA

    I like it. I like the data that it gives you and distances per club. It takes a little to get use but well worth it I think. Shows if you miss mostly left or right with certain clubs.
  3. Got mine last March. Acquired a lot of data dialing in my distances with all my clubs. Also showed me where to spend my practice time. The phone app is pretty cool showing all the shots, clubs and distances on each hole. I added the “Link” that attaches to your waist belt which lowered missed shot recordings. I learned enough and took them off my clubs…GT in AZ
  4. Jason S

    Jason S
    Wausau, WI

    I have used them but have not used any other product to compare. You need to buy a belt clip or carry your phone on your pocket. I checked it after each hole because it does not pick up 100% of your shots and sometimes doesn't switch holes.
  5. Brian A

    Brian A
    Cary, NC

    I use the Arccos, but not every round.

    Shot distances for each club
    Keeping score/submitting scores directly to GHIN
    Shots gained information, as I can compare myself to lower handicap players and discover where I'm losing strokes

    Spotty GPS; I end up spending time on almost every hole correcting locations on the green and GPS often can't tell the difference between a fairway bunker, rough, first cut or green side bunker from rough
    Battery drain on my cell phone - probably time for a phone upgrade, but I need a full charge to get through a round
  6. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California (because it's a big state)

    I've used Arccos for years and overall, it's a great system. I was an early adopter when the sensors were much bigger, and the software didn't have the features they have now. The shot detection is much better than it was, and they just released an add on product, the Link Pro, which will improve on the prior Link, IMO.

    If you like data, the Arccos will give you that. I really like the strokes gained data that they provide. I know it's a bit pricey to get into it but if you use the data properly, I believe it will help take strokes off your score.
  7. Robby P

    Robby P
    Murrells Inlet, SC

    I use Arcoss and really like it. It is not perfect, but I am in my second run with them. I have also tried ShotScope and like Arcoss better. I watched plenty of reviews and feel like I have a good understanding of the way the system works best, and the potential problems, so I can best utilize it. So far, so good.
  8. Sandy J

    Sandy J
    Golden, CO

    Ive used the Arccos for 2 years and am happy with all the information it provides. I bought the original link and was happy with it. Put in front pocket and works great. Just purchased an Apple Watch 9 and not sure if I like it as much as the link. They just released the Link Pro and I might give it a try. It’s all a bit pricey and not perfect but I like all the stats it provides. Overall, I’m glad I have it.

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