T100 / T100s / T200 Combo???

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By Brandon G

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  1. Well today was surprising. I wake up to news about good ole Titleist coming out with their new T100s line (stronger lofted basically). This actually might be right in the nick of time for me.

    I was hunting around for the best combo sets out. miz made a great line this year, but I just love the T100 line. I'm a 10 hcp, but I wanted to look for something with a pinch more forgiveness at the top end of the bag. Combo'ing the T100 + T200 you potentially deal large gaps. So wondering what you guys think? Does this give titleist the ability to create more combo sets out there?

    Potentially going .... t100 - PW - 7i t100s - 6i t200 - 5i - 4i


  2. Funny thing is I play the T100's, but had them bent 2* strong so now they match the T100s specs. This effectively gives me 5 wedges. This is a nice addition to grow the blended sets with t200 and t300 or tamp down the trajectory and spin for better players. As a clubfitter working with combo sets almost always leads to strengthening or weaking a club to keep the gaps consistent. I like this move to give better options to guys looking for combo sets.
  3. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    I'm besides myself with sadness that the T00s was not released at the same time as the T00,200,300. I've played Titleist irons for so many years and have loved them. However, when I was going thru my recent fitting process I did not see enough of an improvement with the 100's compared to my AP2 gamers. The T200 was better but I didn't like the longer look of the club and my spin decreased too much. We experimented with a T100 bent 2 degrees stronger which was close working but not exactly right. Now of course there is the new T100s which is EXACTLY what I wanted and I still could have had it bent 1 degree stronger with no issuses. Hopefully I can come back to a full Titleist bag in a few years. At least I have the SM8 wedges to look forward to in the spring.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The 6/7 gap would be 6 degrees, whereas the 5/6 iron gap would only be 4 degrees instead of 3. Why not T100-S 6-P, t-200 4/5? And go with either the W or new Vokey's for 48-60 degrees? I do see it easier to mix the T100-S and T200 irons. But having choices is a marketing hole filled.

    Wonder if there will be any other new announcements next week with the 3 ball lines and the irons already announced.
  5. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I too was a little disappointed I hadn't known earlier about the T100S option. I had been playing AP2s since their inception back in 2009. Had 3 sets of them over the years, most recently the 716 version. I always loved the smaller headed look and forged feel. I played an AP3 4 and 5 iron in combo with them. Though they weren't forged, their added forgiveness was worth it. (I'm a 5-6 index, so forgiveness is appreciated.) When the T series came out I tried the T200s and T100s. I hit them both well. I definitely liked the looks of the T100s more than the T200s, but the extra distance and more forgiveness made me go with the 200s. Had I known about the new 100S option, I definitely would have waited and gotten a combo set of T100S in 48-8i and T200 in 7i-4i.

    Though I hit my new T200s fine and have gotten very used to them after probably 40 rounds or so with them, I feel the AP2s in the shorter clubs were more workable, and certainly a bit more accurate. So I'm guessing, the T100 and T100S would be more satisfying to me (from 48-8i anyway).

  6. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I agree with Steve L regarding the length of the head on the T200. Having played blades most of my life
    (currently png S-55 ;sorry fellow TT members)and liking the look of a small compact iron I knew as soon as I picked up the T200 the blade looked long.
    I also agree with the timing of Titleist introduction of the T100s.You'd think they all would have been introduced at the same time.
    I wonder how many other players had lofts adjusted down on the t100, and now these come out.
  7. I was also bit disaponted when i notice this new release.

    Now i have t200 set and just few minutes ordered t100s 7-P. 48-60 will be sm8.

    Only reason why i didnt buy t100 was that lofts was bit too weak for me but now those are perfect.
  8. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    I was so close to waiting until springtime to have my fitting done at Manchester Lane again but decided against it because I was hitting the ball so well at the end of the season. My swing is never the same after taking several months of during winter and I really wanted to start the season with the new clubs. I suppose I can look forward to the second generation of the T00s and possibly replace my recent purchase in two years when they get released. Until then, I must say that I'm a little upset with Titleist for this unexpected release. There's nothing worst than buyers remorse...
  9. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I also changed my Ap2 /3 combo set to the T100 and T200.
    T100 (7-P) and T200 ( 4-6)
    I also had the 100’s bent 2 deg strong, and the 200’s 1 deg weak to narrow the gaps
    So in essence my T100’s are the same loft as the new S’s. Not sure how much it affects the bounce by having them bent
    Have played only 4 rounds with them since I got them. Have to say that I love the feel, flight, trajectory of the 100’s , but not as happy with the 200’s. I am sure a few more rounds and time on the range will help me get more adjusted to the 200’s, but right now I am second guessing if I should have gone 100’s all the way through the set.
    If the 100S’s would have been out at the same time as the 100’s, I would have probably gone for the full set of 100S’s.
    Not really sure why Titleist would launch a new series and then add to it only 4 months later.
  10. JDobkin

    Los Angeles

    I gotta day I’m also disappointed I missed the release of the 100s. I bought my t200 clubs after a Titleist fitting day at Roger Dunn golf. I was borderline on which set I landed on at the fitting but ultimately landed on the t200 because of the long irons forgiveness. I would have loved to blend in the 100s from 7-P. Maybe if the trade in price is decent enough I can modify my current set.
  11. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    I was entertaining the idea of getting a blended set, the only drawback is the numbers on the sticks. I would just paint fill the blends so I know what the clubs are. I was thinking if it worked out for me with regards to feel , feedback when hitting and distance.

    T100: 9,PW,W
    T200: 7,8,9
    T300: 6 and maybe the 5
    This set will keep my Vokeys the same.

    Another option now is the T100*S 6-W and T200 5. This set will probably change my Vokeys.
  12. Are the T100s going to have the same offset specs as the original T100?
  13. Ryan L

    Ryan L
    Fort Wayne, IN

    Okay, so for someone who wants more forgiveness TOP end of bag, but CANT STAND the longer look of the T200...what would the TT community suggest? I’m a 6-7 and hit a low ball flight, and according to my fitting, I need all the help I can get in the 4 & 5 category to get a high launch, and ultimately better land angle.
  14. Ryan L

    Ryan L
    Fort Wayne, IN

    So if one needs more forgiveness in the 4 & 5, but CANT STAND the longer look of the T200, what does one do if they are thinking combo set with core T100 6-P?
  15. Just ordered 5-9i in T100s +
    T100 Pitching wedge bent 1deg strong to 45 +
    Gap wedge left at 50
  16. Just ordered 5-9i in T100s +
    T100 Pitching wedge bent 1deg strong to 45 +
    Gap wedge left at 50
  17. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I'm seriously considering replacing my new T200 PW, 9i, 8i, and possibly the 7i too, with the T100•S PW, 9i, 8i, (7i). I miss the accuracy and feel of my AP2s in the shorter irons. Distances with the T100•S should be somewhat similar to that of the T200s, but with a look and feel I prefer. Additionally, the 'Maximum Impact' design of the T200s really isn't all that prevalent in short irons anyway (PW-8i), compared to the longer irons ( 4-7) which have the Max Impact weight on the back.

    I haven't even paid off my T200s yet. Geez!
  18. I think with the stronger lofts, thats a great combo. I have the 718 AP2s and I'm thinking of upgrading to a combo set like youre talking about
  19. Scott C

    Scott C
    Winston-Salem, NC

    I play 716 version AP1. Looking to upgrade to either the T100 or T200. Just not sure which. I need to hit them to see which I like better

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