Any mid-handicappers hit the AP2?

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By Lance B

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    I got fitted yesterday and I've always loved the AP2 (looks and feel), but I struggled mightily to hit the sweet spot consistently. Maybe it was nerves, I don't know. They had me hit the AP3 and unsurprisingly, I hit them really well.

    I guess my question is to mid-to-high handicappers who play the AP2. Do you actually hit these irons consistently? My ego seems to be getting in the way here. I absolutely love the AP2, but since I hit the AP3 better, I'm torn. Part of me is considering working on my swing this winter and trying the AP2 again in the spring. At the same time, I wonder if I'll ever hit them consistent enough so that it doesn't hurt my score. Swallow my pride and hit the AP3? That's my mind-struggle right now.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. New clubs are big investment.

  2. Bigdougie71
    Dunfermline, Fife

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    Hi Lance , I have used AP2;s Since 2013 and although i dont hit the sweet spot all the time i have managed to get my HC from 12 to 8 so something does work , I am interested in a fitting for the new AP2 but also looking at the AP3's would like to give 5,4,3 in them a go to see that outcome. Quite agree with you getting advice but if your game suits the AP3 and your hitting them well then why not go with them, One of my friends is off 4 and he plays AP1's as he finds they suit him best.....
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    Thanks for the response, Doug. I actually went to a local shop over the weekend and hit the demo 7-iron in the AP2 and AP3. I learned pretty quickly that it must've just been tightness/nerves during my fitting because I hit the AP2 just fine. What a huge relief it was too. I love those irons and it was really frustrating to keep miss-hitting them. The distance is still there with the AP3, but that's expected with stronger lofts. So at the moment, my order will probably be the 3 and 4-irons AP3, and then AP2 5-iron bent 1 degree strong, AP2 6-PW standard.
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    You have a choice, if you want to play clubs which you love (for whatever reasons), or clubs which would bring you a bit better score.
    My advise would be, that if you are gonna play plenty of golf and you expect your ballstriking to improve and go deep into single digits only then go for AP2. Or maybe 6i-PW of AP2 and 4i-5i of AP3 would be a good combo... If you expect to keep your mediocre ballstriking than rather test AP3 vs AP1, not AP2! I play something like AP3, but I will buy 718 AP1. I was a 14HCP, now playing only occassionally, and lets say a bogey golf at good days.
    And remember this. Jordan Spieth is not playing MBs. He is not playing CBs. He plays AP2 and he even has T-MB for his long irons. The arguably best player in the world plays the MOST FORGIVING players iron TT have! Have you seen anyone laughing on him for not playing blades?
    I think it is better to be a low single digit with AP1 than a bogey golfer with blades... ;-)
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    Lance, I am currently thinking similar to you right now. I am playing the original AP2s since 2008. No, I don't always hit them consistently, especially the 5-6 irons. (don't carry 3 or 4). I also think maybe it's time to go with something like an AP3. In this case, I think it will be easer the AP3 still has the same basic look and feel of the AP2. The AP1s just are a bit too clunky and 'big' for me ... I think.

    I haven't tried the new irons yet ... but will likely consider a mixed bag .. maybe with AP3 in 5, 6, 7 ... and AP2 in 8, 9, P.

  6. Alan P
    Santa Monica, CA

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    What was their recommendation? AP3? I would go with what you are most comfortable with, as I'm sure you are still trying to improve.
  7. Darron K
    Fate, TX

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    Personally I would go with what works best for you. I've been using AP2's since 710's and currently have the 716's. If I get fit again and try the 718 AP2 & AP3 and the AP3's prove these things are better than the AP2 I'll get them: Forgiveness, workability, consistency, dispersion and feel. Distance I don't care about as the new AP2 may or may not give more distance and the AP3 will naturally because of the stronger lofts.
  8. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I'm an 8 index. Started playing AP2s in 2011 with the 712 version the day they were released. I was a 12.5 index at the time, but loved the look of a smaller-headed, blade-style forged iron and just had to have them. I never liked the bulky look of game-improvement irons and just had no feel with them. So I went with the AP2s. I loved them from the start...or most of them. I found I struggled a bit with the longer irons. After a few months, I decided to give an AP1 5i a try and realized a mixed set was for me. I moved to hybrids for the 3 and 4 iron spots, and eventually added an AP1 6i in as well. Over the years I have played AP2s (presently 716 version) in my short to mid irons and AP1s in my mid to long irons. (All fitted at the same time with the same shafts.) However, as well as I hit the AP1s, I still don't like the bulky look when I stand over the ball, and have always hoped Titleist would come out with something in between the AP1 and AP2. Yahoo! They finally did. I have no desire to change my AP2 716 PW-7i, since I am pretty consistently on or close to the sweet spot with them, but I am already sure I will love the AP3 6i and 5i and am being fit next week for just those two clubs.

    If I were you, I would consider a mixed set, similar to mine. Or, if you find in the fitting that you are better off with the AP3s all the way down to the PW, I don't think you will be disappointed. The AP3s are really nice, with a thinner topline and players-style overall look. I think you will like looking down at them nearly as much as looking down at an AP2, when standing over a shot. And if the forgiveness is anywhere near that of the AP1, it will be a win-win for you.
  9. Chris B
    cypress, TX

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    Hello Lance,

    I consider myself a mid handicap and seriously considering a combo set consisting of the AP3 ( 5-6) and the AP2 (7-PW ). I have a fitting this weekend with my instructor. I will post feedback and decision of purchase.
  10. richard f

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    Mid handicapper love my ap2
  11. Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

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    Hi Lance!

    I took the plunge 3 years ago and fitted my bag with 714 AP2 irons. Previously, I played with Png irons and decided that it was time for me to finally commit to my game and to play forged clubs.

    My handicap was around 14 at the time (I had taken several years off due to injuries, raising children, career, etc.)

    I committed to myself that I would practice at the range at least once a week and seek the assistance of a skilled professional.

    I've been practicing on average twice a week and playing once a week for the most part.

    My handicap is down in the mid 7's at present time.

    I'm a firm believer that if you like the AP2's and will put in some time with them, then go for it ... it can be big motivator for you!
  12. mj
    Coquitlam, BC

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    love my AP2, and i think if u r going to work on your game, this is route to go...sounds like your heart is more into AP2.....and is set you can work to improve your game with...

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