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By Allen B

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  1. Allen B

    Allen B
    Delta, BC

    Played the Titleist “ Tour Soft” for the past six months and liked the Soft feel and flight consistency. Returning to Phoenix in January and will continue to play.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    There is definitely a Titleist ball for everyone out there. Glad you found the one that you like best. Enjoy!
  3. WAYNE S

    lubbock, TX

    The Tru soft ball is my favorite Titleist ball. Played it when it was the NXT Tour ball. Much softer now though.
    I really like the TRU-Soft ball better than the ProV1. Thanks for making a great ball
  4. I’ve always played Titleist . For the longest time it’s been Pro-V. But I too this year went to and found the Tour Softs to be more responsive to my game. I’ve added more total distance and my carry is at least an extra 10-15 yards. Feels nice coming off the tee. Good luck .
  5. ShippyTT

    NW Indiana

    I really enjoy the tour soft!

    I am not sure why but my dispersion between the woods seem to be greater with the Tour soft and less with the AVX.

    My irons chipping and putting seem to be great with the tour soft.

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