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By Mitch D

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  1. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    As you may have seen on social media (@TitleistCA), we spent some time recently with Justin Thomas and Bob Vokey at the RBC Canadian Open in Hamilton, Ontario.  Both of them were kind enough to leave behind some gifts for Team Titleist Canada.

    We'll randomly draw 3 winners, each to receive 1 of these 3 signed caps along with their choice of 1 dozen Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls.

    Comment below on where you would display the cap if you were to win one.

    3 names will be randomly drawn from the comments below on Thursday, June 20th at Noon EDT.  Winners will be notified via the email listed in their Team Titleist profile.  Be sure that your profile is complete with your email address before entering!

    Canadian Residents only. No purchase necessary.

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  2. Right beside all of my Leafs and Tragically Hip memorabilia.
  3. One of these would look amazing in the basement along with other collectable items!
  4. Chris H

    Chris H
    Peterborough, ON

    Right on the golf trophy shelf, There is lots of room, I only have one trophy!

  5. That would be great to display in the Man Cave!!
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  6. This would be put in home little office next to my signed Titleist golf balls ‍♂️
  7. GarnNB

    Quispamsis, NB

    I would display them in the man cave with other golf stuff I have from tournaments I have been at and personal golf items.
  8. I would display the hat in the trophy case in outside the gym in the high school I teach at. Either that or above the TV in my living room.
  9. This would look great in my basement beside my wife's hole in 1 ball.
  10. I would display in my living room for all to see!!
  11. I’d probably give it to my golf club to put in their display cabinets.

    I’d game the balls though!
  12. If I won one, I would display it on my friends head because he's a massive JT fan!
  13. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Like Mark L, I do not have a big trophy case at home and my only collectables are the balls with which I won a key tournament or my hole in ones. I even take most of my old clubs to the course for the pro to cut down and use for the Junior program. So - I would donate the hat as a display at my Golf Course and keep the ProV1's or ProV1x's for myself. If I were so fortunate to win - Yellow please :)
  14. John W

    John W
    Toronto, ON

    Right on the mantle (whenever my wife is not in the room!)
  15. Johnny Tee

    Johnny Tee
    Mississauga, ON

    I would proudly display it in my curio cabinet with my golf things and my rubber duckie collection.
  16. I would display one of the beauties on my head every time I played a round of golf with my buddies.
  17. Got the man cave now just need this to start the collection! Thanks in advance
  18. Proudly on my head on the 1st tee at Stonehenge Golf.
  19. Kris B

    Kris B
    Renfrew, ON

    Mine would definitely sit in my man cave atop my old bag of clubs. Next to the shelf with my coin and stamps, and under my I Want To Believe poster :)
  20. Bob D

    Bob D
    Thunder Bay Ontario, ON

    I would take them to my golf course to share with the other members than save them in the Man Cave!
  21. I would give it to my sons to add their growing collection of golf trophies and awards!! Thanks for the opportunity!!
  22. I would give it to my sons so they can add it to their ever growing collection of golf trophies and awards!! Thanks for the opportunity!!
  23. John C

    John C
    Little Rock, AR

    We don't have a giant house. So, I would put them in my "golf room" a.k.a. my water closet. I really do have a bunch of cool memorabilia there.
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