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So I was watching some golf this past weekend, and a ad comes on for a app called 18 birdies,a free GPS app for your phone,was wondering if anyone has...

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New 718 products...

...look FANTASTIC! There are several pics of the new iron available now. I cannot wait to see the AP3 irons---looks like a...

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Two Man Scramble

This weekend I played in a two man scramble with a good friend of mine, it was at the University course at Ole Miss and we...

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New ball marker

I was sitting in the bar yesterday at my club having lunch and my swing coach was sitting at the table behind me. As he was...

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Just received my "HOLE IN ONE" bag tag. I first want to thank everyone at Titleist giving me one. I am very proud...

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Central MA guys?

Any central MA Team Titleist folks on here? I'm brand new to this place so I apologize if there is a place I should be...

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Back in Action

Back in Action after a long break. Just moved in a new area surrounded by some great daily fee coarse's. And what a...

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