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Driver Fitting

Afternoon Guys, Hoping someone can give me a bit of advice, if i go for a fitting and pay the £60 fee, in previous fittings if i choose to buy the...

Club Fitting

Ap2 718

Hi Team Titleist went for a fitting for the Ap2 718 irons ( 4-p project X shafts)on Monday with my pro at Runcorn golf club ....

Club Fitting

718 AP1 T/T AMT Red Shafts

I am about to pull the trigger on 718 AP1 irons. Can anyone tell me how the specs, launch and stiffness of the AMT Red S300...

Club Fitting

Iron shaft

I've used kbs tour in stiff shafts for years but at my recent fitting I was matched with Nippon modus tour 120 in xtra...

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