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driver shaft

HI there I am a retired Golf Professional 66 years old still a fairly good player play to a 1 or 2 hdcp.. I want to get the new 917 D3 driver but...

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915 D3 Shaft

Hi Im interested to know which Adila Rouge shaft is equivalent to Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Blue s+ 60 x5ct regular flex...

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Wedge loft

What is the loft for AP1 P-wedge and W-wedge. I just pick one and guess.

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Driver Shaft

Hello My son is a junior golfer. This past weekend he was in a golf tournament and one of the kids he was paired with on the...

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3 wood shaft

As anyone got a aldila rogue 110 or 125 msi 3 wood shaft in x flex there selling?

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New Irons in the Bag!

New Irons in the Bag! 718 AP3, 4, KBS Tour, X-stiff, standard length and lie, 1* weak, grip MCC +4 grey standard size, D4...

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