My First Hole in One

Guys trip to Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. On our last day in Northern Ireland, we played Royal Portrush Golf Club Dunluce Links, site of the 2019 Open Championship. I'm 48, carry a 1.7 index (which will be sure to up after 10 rounds of links golf!) and have played my entire life, never making an ace. As we came up to the 16th, "Calamity Corner" (*note, it used to be the 14th, but with the changes to the course for the '19 Open, it's now the 16th), our first group was standing on 17 tee, overlooking the 16th green. I was last in my group to hit. 202 yards, slightly uphill, breeze right to left. I hit it just like I wanted, watched is about half way, and turned to give my 4-hybrid to my caddie. (I had hit a few other shots just like I wanted, only to end up "dead". As I turned to begin the walk to the green, the guys on the 17th tee box started screaming and jumping around - they had seen it land about 20 feet from the pin, and role into the cup just like a putt. I couldn't believe it. We couldn't see it go in, and there was a part of my that thought the guys were messing with me. As I got closer I could tell by their faces there was no joke, I had just made my 1st hole in one. I still can't believe it, but have the picture with my caddie and my #9 Titleist ProV1 with "Palmer" in red on the side to commemorate it.