My first 18 holes of golf led to my first hole-in-one

My fiancé Nick has been an avid golfer throughout his life, playing in both high school and college. Since we first started dating and now as we plan our wedding, Nick has tried his very best to turn me into a golfer. Lucky for us his parents live on a golf course, so we frequently get to play, but our typical round consists of holes 1-7 before walking off the green for Sunday dinner. Before fall came to an end, we vowed we would get out to play a ‘full 18 holes’ to make my true golf debut. After a sub-par 16 holes, and almost throwing my driver into the water a time or two, I teed up my ball and grabbed my pitching wedge on hole #17. Mentally exhausted, I said a silent prayer to “Please just hit this ball straight” and low and behold, the ball falls on the green, rolls a few feet and dives in the hole. I could not believe it, nor could anyone else.... my first ever 18 holes of golf, and I get what many golfers wait their whole lives for - a hole-in-one!! To make things even more incredible, Nick made his second career hole-in-one exactly 3 weeks earlier. Same course, same club. I think it’s time we start playing the lottery...but in the meantime, I’ll stick with this crazy game of golf!