First Hole-In-One!!! Thanks Titleist

Beautiful day which turned out to be an amazing day! I was playing Stoneleigh Golf Course in Round Hill VA to see if I liked the course and if I wanted to join the club. Hole #4 is a steep up hill Par 3 (you can only see the top half of the flag). It was playing 178 yards plus into the wind with the pin towards the back on a shelf. I decided to hit my 4 iron (AP3) and the ball flew high and looked like it landed near the pin. I thought it might have rolled off the back. I was wondering where my ball ended up as I drove up to the top of the hill and could see the green. After not finding it over the back of the green, I thought..."could it be...?" There it was in the hole! All of my best rounds have been playing Titleist golf balls and clubs (lowest round 70, 2 under Par)! I typically play the ProV1x but just happened to be playing the NXT Tour S. And I just changed from my 712 AP2 irons to a blended set of 4-5 AP3 and 5-PW AP2 718s. Love them! Thanks Titleist for making amazing equipment.