A little closer than my opponent

My friend and I had a friendly game going as we headed into the 2nd hole. Both of us were coming off par on the 1st hole and he took to the box first. He struck a nice draw about 10 feet from the hole and came off feeling pretty good. I stepped up to the box with my trusty 7 iron looking at the pin 181 yards away. I hit a baby draw that just felt pure. It was tracking well to the hole, took one hop and disappeared. It felt so good when I hit it, I wasn't sure if I blasted it off the back of the green or it was in the hole. We traveled down the cart path with no ball in sight as we headed to the green. As we approached the green excitement brewed. I saw a divot 2 feet in front of the cup and my ProV1x resting in the hole. That was a great day.