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Late night hole in one

I was playing a round of 9 and I had a hole in one on 6, and it was almost dark out, but since I had a hole in one, I had to finish out the whole 18 in complete darkness!

Michael's First!

My son Michael had his first hole in one, besting dad and mom by one (so far), on Saturday, October 14, 2017. He is 7 years old and was playing in the 2017 Fall Junior League...

Invitational Hole in One

My first hole in one ! I've had a double eagle, put the ball on the edge of the cup for a hole in one several times but finally got my first ace! Couldn't have...

My First Hile in One!!

My name is Doug Fenter. I was playing hole #15 at Echo Hills Golf Course. 3 buddies and myself went out after work to play a round of golf. The weather was wonderful. We had...

Windy Day Coincidence

13 has always been my lucky number, and yesterday I was on the 13th hole of my local course, 13 days away from getting married. It was a WINDY day on the course, and I walked...

1st hole in one for a truck

Played in my 2nd annual Lions club tournament recently. On our groups 3rd hole at Summit Chase country club which is #8 (par 3 171yd). I holed out using a AP2 5 iron and...

One good swing

I made my hole in one most importantly with family and friends. My son and two close golfing buddies. The pen was cut in the back center of the green over a slight rise. I...

berkshire hills cc hole 5

Playing golf at my home course, i have been close several times, but on this day i hit a high 6 iron, from 177 yards, to front pin, got what we call members bounce, where we...

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